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CD Web designs are offering FREE web hosting and FREE domain names with every web site we develop.

With over 10 years of web site design experience you can be assured to receive professional and affordable service. Hundreds of satisfied customers will tell you the same.

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If you bring up the subject of web designs with small business people, it wouldn't be long to find someone who has been over charged and unhappy with the information given by a web site designer. Perhaps they have even come to the conclusion that a website is not worth the expense. Let's look at why that happens, and outline some principles that will help when you need a web design services. Many web designers get it wrong because they don't understand how the internet works!

One of the biggest problems today with web site design is that software programs have made it seem easy to create a web site. If you have the software, it would not take you long to build a web site. There are even an abundance of free and inexpensive templates available online to make it even easier to put together a web site. Creating a professional looking web site is not difficult at all.

The push button process of creating a web site does not end with making it look professional. In fact, this is one of the least important aspects of developing a web site. There are ugly looking web sites that make a lot of money. Since life is not fair, you can find a great looking web sites out there that make little or no money. I'm not saying the appearance of your web site is not important, what I am saying is it's not enough.

There are serious flaw in the web design industry and small business owners are especially prone to fall victim. The problem is usually, very little planning goes into a web site design. Too many web designers are more concerned with selling web design with its appearance, rather than taking the time to SEO optimise the web site for the search engine to find and get ranked for.

This problem stems from the fact that many small business people do not have big advertising budgets, so they are easily attracted to the low cost for a average web designer and therefore the web site will never get seen, views, traffic?

The one element missing in most web site designs is of fundamentally important and that's uniqueness. A Unique Selling Point is one of the basic principals of marketing. Answer this questions: why should I buy from you, and, what makes you different from any other choices I have? If you fail to answer this in your web site visitor will probably leave taking their business else ware. Read your web site to see if it contains any common error. Your web site copy should speak to your visitor, draw your customers in and sell them on your unique solution. Content is so important?

When you start looking and notice how many web sites ignore these basic principles, you will begin to see how you have the opportunity to rise above your competitors. Just think about it, if the majority of business out there are violating these basic web site design principles, do you think you could benefit from hiring a web site designer who understands the marketing aspects as well?

There is a lot of emphasis placed on search engine optimisation (SEO), and there should be, because the important is between being found by people using the search engines or not. For most web sites, search engines account for the majority of all visitors. However, as important as SEO is, if you have a web site that is getting the visitors and not creating sales, then you need to be looking at the content and marketing side of your web pages.

Surprisingly or not People actually read web sites but have a short attention span. Studies have been documented in the way people use web sites. These principle also need to be paid attention to to complete the puzzle.

Graphics are also important. Visual elements have many advantages. People use the Internet to seek information, however a attractive image will entice a user to stay longer and read the content, so you see everything needs to be looked at in detail?

Another solution is to have your web pages loading quickly, otherwise in Google's eyes; a web site that loads slowly gets penalised affecting its ranking position.

If your web site is not built correctly, you will get bad results. This is why so many site owners get disappointed, no success; and most of the time it's because it was sold to be a bargain. I am not saying you will be charged a lot more to get better results, what I am saying is you need to take everything in to consideration first?

The good news is most of your competitors will invest in the cheaper web site designs option. This does not mean you need to have the big budget of a major corporate, or that it has to be massively expensive, it just means you need to be willing to do a touch better than the average. The rewards can be enormous when you stretch yourself to understanding just a few basic principals!

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