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CD Web design are offering FREE web hosting and FREE domain names with every web site we develop.

With over 10 years of web site design experience you can be assured to receive professional and affordable service. Hundreds of satisfied customers will tell you the same.

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Which one is best for you and your web site?

There are many different ways to research domain names.
To find a name for a new domain name to register, is to think of it like this.

Take the word or words of the niche your business is in, and then think of a product that you want your business to sell? For example if you are in the fashion business and you sell dresses your domain could be something like this: or

Can you see the difference between the two. The reson I have show you this is some domain names will not be available for what you want, so your need to find a way of changing it arround a bit.

This is by far the best way to choose a domain name as what we are trying to do is capture your main keywords within the domain name. I know some of you will be thinking, "but I want my domain name to be my companies name" and thats fine for investment purposes or to protect an established brand or trademark, but when it comes to search enging ranking in Google and other search engine eyes you would get much better targeted traffic coming to your web site or because these domains have the keywords in it unlike as a business name

Wouldn't you rather have people coming to your web site who were seaching using the words women, fashion and dresses as these would be the words someone would use, when finding their needs, if this were the case.

I think this way because I am a are internet marketers as well as web developers and if you want results with targetted traffic this is a technique you should be using.

As I have already said you can have your company name as your domain name but it will be much harder to rank for the keywords; womens, fashion and dresses if you choose a company name like

The best solution or alternitive is to buy two domain names with two web sites, however the domains or as an example could just be as a one page sales page in the trade called a landing page and make your company domain the branding name, informational web site and link the two sites together.

In theary the cost would not be much more having two web site and you can reap from the rewards in the long run. A domain name can be purchased for as little as $10 to $20 and hosting for a small web site for as little as $100 a year or maybe less? In fact if you have a one page web site built with us we with give you a domain name and 1 year web site hosting for free. Click here to take advantage now

In todays economy there are literally hundreds of thousands of domain names listed for sale at prices, from twenty to thousands and millions of pounds or dollars, although very few sales are taking place at the higher end, and those names that are selling are almost always going for a fraction of the asking price. The reason being is that the domain bubble burst quite a few years ago?

Quick guide to looking for a domain name for a new web site.
Start by noting down what the web site will be about, just in a paragraph or two. Then boil this down to a description, maximum of two sentences. Don't worry about covering all the details, just make sure you're addressing the bullet points the essentials of what the web site will be all about. Then take your short description, and underline all the "key words" that describe your site. Now take those keywords and create your domain name using two, three or four of your keywords and you set to go.

What is a Suffix? Domain Name Suffix And The Best Ways To Use It!
In the world of domain names, the concept of domain name suffix is very important. So for those who are interested to know the nature of the domain name suffix and the role that it played in the domain name arena, you better continue reading for here are some facts about the domain name suffix - Click on this link

Also a use full link on some ideas on prefix and suffix - Click on this link

This link gives you a full list of domain tags for every country.
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