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CD Web design are offering FREE web hosting and FREE domain names with every web site we develop.

With over 10 years of web site design experience you can be assured to receive professional and affordable service. Hundreds of satisfied customers will tell you the same.

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Colours and banner designs.
When colour is used correctly, it can add impact and clarity to your banner message. Colour can emphasize, highlight, and lead your end users to a call-to-action (i.e. clicking on your banner). Colour can also be used to trigger emotion.When colour is used incorrectly, it can compromise your message and confuse your target audience. The interpretation of a colour depends on culture, physiology of the eye, readability, your target audience's profession or industry, and personal preference.

Banner colours and target audience culture.
When designing a banner ad, you should be careful about the colours you select if you are targeting a specific country or a global audience. For example, though the colour purple is also associated with royalty in European countries, the colour orange is associated with royalty in the Netherlands. The colour white is associated with bad luck in China whereas white is associated with purity in Western cultures.

Colours and legibility.
How the human eye processes colour is also a consideration for selecting banners. Purple is one of the hardest colours for the eye to focus on, so it might not be a good overall choice. On the other hand, yellow with black or blue is the first colour the eye processes. So if you were to try and call attention to some text on a dark colour banner, a light colour can be an excellent choice. But if you were to use a light shade as a background of, you might want to alter the colour so it is less stressful on the eye. In order to make the text on a banner legible, it’s very important to use colours that provide a high contrast. Black and white are two good colours that provide the highest contrast, but white banners tend to have the lowest click ratios according to research.

Psychology of colour.
The type of profession you are in should influence what colours you will select for your banner ad. In the finance industry, the colour red signifies financial loss. In the health care industry, the colour red is associated with danger or an emergency. So using the colour red in the financial or health care banner designs would not be a wise choice. Blues, blacks, greens and greys tend to be safe colour selections because many of their psychological interpretations include security, professionalism and reliability.

We hope the information has been useful.

CD Web Designs are Creating Web Developers, Search Engine Specialists in Internet marketing and web optimization.

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